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Handmade Lace made in Belgium Lace Jacket/Bolero - 30s

Handmade Lace made in Belgium Lace Jacket/Bolero - 30s

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Welcome to Lulu Boop Vintage, where our curated collection echoes the whispers of bygone eras. Our purpose is to find them and give them a new life.  Now, we extend an invitation to you – become the guardian of history, the catalyst for renewal. Join us in reviving these beauties; your contribution completes their story. Thank you for being a part of the Lulu Boop Vintage journey.

Description: STUNNING Handmade Lace 1930s Bolero. Great Condition. Made in Tag says Made in Belgium . Size 38. (Check measurements , vintage sizes rum smaller). I added this beautiful brooch that I made many years ago and waited to the right piece to come along, and this is one! I included it.

A vintage bolero/ jacket made with Belgium lace is a stunning and intricate garment, showcasing the fine craftsmanship and timeless elegance associated with this type of lace. When crafted with Belgium lace, the bolero transforms into a luxurious piece with historical and cultural significance.

The piece features a delicate, open-front design.The lacework is meticulously crafted, often displaying floral motifs and designs that highlight the skill of the lace-makers.


The  aesthetic is one of timeless elegance and sophistication. The intricate lace patterns add visual interest and a touch of vintage charm, making it an exquisite piece suitable for formal occasions or as a collector's item.

Importance of Belgium Lace:

1. **Historical Significance**: Belgium lace dates back to the 16th century and has been revered for centuries. It was highly prized by royalty and the aristocracy, symbolizing luxury and status. Historical figures, such as Queen Elizabeth I, were known to adorn themselves with garments made from Belgium lace.

2. **Exquisite Craftsmanship.

3. **Cultural Heritage**: Belgium lace is deeply embedded in the cultural heritage of Belgium. Towns such as Bruges, Brussels, and Mechelen are renowned for their lace-making traditions. These towns have preserved the techniques and continue to celebrate the craft through museums, lace schools, and festivals.

4. **Unique Designs**: The patterns and designs of Belgium lace are unparalleled in their intricacy and beauty. Each piece often features unique, handmade patterns that cannot be replicated by machines, making every lace item distinct and valuable.

A vintage bolero made with Belgium lace is not just a piece of clothing; it is a work of art that embodies the rich history, culture, and craftsmanship of Belgium. It stands as a symbol of timeless beauty and the enduring appeal of traditional lace-making techniques.

Please help me bring this beauty back to life.


Measurements: garment lying flat. Measurements are in inches. (Las medidas están en pulgadas 1Pulgada=2.54cm).

 Shoulder: 16 3/4"

Armpit: 18"

End: 16 1/2"

Total Lenght from Shoulder: 17 1/2"

For your reference the mannequin is a women size Medium and it’s measurements are:

Bust: 88 cm / 34.64”
Waist: 66 cm / 25.98”

Hips: 91.44 cm /36”

The model is a size Small and her Measurements are:

Bust: 81.28 cm / 32
Waist: 68.58 cm / 27”
Hips: 88.9 cm / 35”
Hips: 90 cm / 35.43”

PLEASE CHECK MEASUREMENTS BEFORE PURCHASE!  Antique hand made items where handmade and differ to standard sizes. Please check the measurements closely for determining fit. I do not give sizes for vintage items as women's sizes are not standardized and a majority of these dresses were homemade or specialty made to fit one person. Also if vintage  items are size tagged they usually run smalller comparing to the actual sizes. A good method to check is to measure a similar item that fits and compare.

If you have any questions about the fit feel free to ask, I am happy to help.

PLEASE check measurements before purchase. A good method is to measure a similar item that fits and compare.

Please remember that Vintage Items have been previously worn and loved so a small flaw may go unnoticed.
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Please Note :
Any accessories used in the picture are not included, there are there to show how the outfit could be worn or a decorative object. I need to be honest. I sell Vintage and Antique Clothing and I would say anything before 30s should be treated with care and worn with care. Mostly these items will be fragile especially 20s silk or Edwardian very fine Muslin. Some can not handle stress and will tear easily. Should be bought a size bigger where possible or should be a little loose on.

Happy to answer any question.

Thanks for visiting.

Lulu Boop Vintage


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